All-in-1 Weather Proof Smartwatch Watch Cell Phone for Android, Samsung, Galaxy Note, Nexus, HTC, Sony

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Choice 1: USE as Unlocked Cell Phone(GSM 2G Sim Card Needed, not included) Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz(internet function by GPRS)/Unlocked for all countries' GSM 2G Micro Size Sim Cards

Which Carrier's Sim Card is AVAILABLE for this watch?


  • T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Lycamobile, Speedtalk, Ting GSM, Simple Mobile or ANY carrier's GSM 2G Sim Card is available for this watch
  • AT&T, T-Mobile or ANY carrier's GSM 3G/4G/5G Sim Card is NOT available
  • Verizon, Sprint, Boost, PagePlus and ANY CDMA carrier Sim Card is NOT available


Even WITHOUT Sim Card, following build-in watch functions are still available:


  • 1.3 MP camera, speaker, mic, pedometer, caculator, voice recorder, alarm, mp3/4 player, calendar, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder,


Insert CORRECT Sim Card, you can


  • Call & receive call on watch/ Send & receive Text Message on watch
  • Use watch build-in Facebook, Twitter, Web Browser app (GSM 2G Sim Card's GPRS Function must be activated for internet use)


Insert Micro SD memory Card(TF Card, up to 32GB, not included), you can


  • Take photos and voice records (save file on memory card) Enjoy Mp4 Videos and Mp3 Music on watch (memory card needed or no place to store the files)


Choice 2: USE as Smartwatch(NO Sim Card Needed)

Android OS 4.0(or Above) smartphone(ANY BRAND) or IOS 8.0(or Above) Iphone Needed. With Bluetooth(find in "setting" menu) function activated.


  • PLEASE NOTE: IPHONE NEED NO APP, LIMITED FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE/ IPHONE CAN ONLY SYNC Calls / Call log / Phonebook / Music IPHONE CAN NOT SYNC TEXT Messages / Email / Camera / Social Media Updates / Others


ALL FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE for Android OS Smartphone(Any Brand), with Android APP installed.

How to install correct APP on Android smartphone?

Choice 1: Go to Android Phone, Search "BTNotification" APP in Google Play, download and install.

Choice 2: Go to Watch Menu, click "QR code", it will show on watch screen, use Android Phone, scan, download and install.